Steve's Portfolio

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Copywriting, writing and translating - typeform

Typeform makes data collection a little more human. I tell stories through platform copy, website landing pages, marketing publications, blog posts, job descriptions, conversational office signs, and more.

Subtitles by Steve. 

Writing, GHOST WRITING and copy editing - mobile jazz 

Bugfender is an essential tool for app developers that remotely collects app usage data for fast, remote debugging. Steve is proud to have collaborated with Bugfender by ghost writing engaging long form content for developers, editing publications and reviewing all website copy. 

translation - FUNDACIÓ mAMBRÉ

"Speed, efficiency, readiness, thoroughness, perseverance...these are just some of the adjectives that define the work Steve has completed for Fundació Mambré. We asked him to translate our website into English and the results have been more than satisfactory; not only because it was a job well done, but also because of the speed and execution of the work that we commissioned. I would highlight in particular his perseverance and professionalism, and the fact that he is always focused on the job and open to all kinds of suggestions, something that is much appreciated.
If you need a translation, don't hesitate. Steve is the right person for the job.
On behalf of Fundació Mambré and myself personally, we thank Steve for his work and dedication."

David Serra, Communications

Blog articles - Littio media, barcelona 

"Steve has consistently produced excellent, high-quality translation, copy, and editing work for the time he's worked with us at Littio. It's essential for our brand that we respond to software developers' needs quickly and precisely, and Steve has helped the team achieve that goal by delivering polished work that always meets the deadline. His attention to detail is superb, and he is able to achieve an effective, natural style that matches the original, especially when it comes to our premium app reviews, magazine articles, software overviews, blog and FAQ pages. It's been a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend Steve's services to anyone considering entrusting him with work." 
Albert Feliu, Co-Founder. 

"Steve was an ideal colleague during the six months I worked with him at Littio, and I wholeheartedly endorse his services. Aside from being extremely hard-working and consistent, he was always at hand to help me with any issues, and he did so with a lot of patience and a positive attitude which is something I consider essential. Thanks to his grammatical and lexical insight, I was able to improve my writing skills and learn curious British expressions." 

Ana Gracia, Account Manager and Content Writer

teaching - aaprendre idiomes, terrassa, BARCELONA 


"Steve was part of the team at AAprendre Idiomes for the school year 2015/16.  He taught a range of classes including kids, teens, adults and FCE.  Feedback from students was always positive and Steve had a way of making the classes fun and dynamic no matter the level. It was important to him that the students got the most from his classes and their progress reflected this.  

Steve also worked in companies outside the school delivering tailor-made business courses.  These courses were well planned with definable objectives and structure according to each company's needs.  Steve was always punctual, well presented and professional and the classes were very well received. "

Andrew Stevens, Co-Director